Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day


Feb 12 2009

Ceasar and Julius: sold

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have finally been able to make it outside to the goats. I still can't get a boot on, but I have a rig with an old suede shoe that I sliced across the top. Then I slip that into an old jean pantsleg to keep the snow out. LOL. I am a bit uneven with the boot on the good foot, but it's better than crutches!

Been combing the cashmere off Nic's neck. Looks good this year. Have quite a lot already.

I wasn't getting much off him today, but I noticed some of the hooves looked in need of a trim, so I switched out the combing rake for the hoof clippers and did:

Cricket: she shivered and shook. Her feet looked pretty good.

Derek: He was a little brat and kept standing on his back legs when I was trying to do his front feet. I did get him finished in the long haul.

Anna: Phoenix managed to get a collar on her and tied her. Then she laid down when I went to do her feet. Awww. I think that is only the second time I have done her feet. Maybe the third. She was the best behaved today, and has nice feet.

Genevieve: her back ones were a mess and I used hoof and heel and took quite a lot off. Her front ones were pretty good.

Willow combed Obiwan. He is such a sweet guy.

I did all of those goats front and back hooves and then collapsed exhausted after lunch. A month of laying about and crutching it has ruined my condition. Hopefully I will build back up a bit before it is time to dig the garden! :P