Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The third week in February already!

Our winter has been very unusual. The snowstorm before Hallowee'en was nearly the biggest snow we have had all winter. Three times we snow-scooped the driveways, and the intervening storms have been rain.

The ice has been awful this year. Or awful good depending on whether or not you are a fan of ice. The second snow-scooping storm fell on a good layer of ice, so it was nearly imnpossible to get any traction to push the scoop of snow.

I fell pretty good during that time. Or bad depending on if you are a fan of falling. My feet flew out and my head and elbow landed simultaneously to a very loud "Crack!"

I was sure it was my head that made the awful noise, but it didn't hurt as badly as my elbow. Owie, ow, ow, ow. I figured the pain would ease right off in a minute like what usually happens when you give a joint a hard rap, but it continued to hurt.

The point of the elbow is still tender to the touch three weeks later, so I guess I know where the explosive crack sound came from.

There are still patches of ice about. I scorn the pair of ice cleats a concerned friend gave me after my fall, and creep duck and flat footed over the remaining icy bits.

The winter that wasn't, that will be this year. And it follows the summer that wasn't. Looks like we are going to balance out eventually at mud season 12 months of the year.