Saturday, February 23, 2013

Soccer talk

The Firebird has been playing indoor soccer this winter.  We had a scheduling conflict with basketball, so as a consolation I agreed to indoor soccer at the encouragement of his varsity coach.

The indoor arena is pretty cool, artificial turf with a ground rubber underlayment. The rules are a little different. you are not allowed to hit the ceiling (the other team gets a kick) you are not allowed to hit one of the lights or you get taken out of the game for 5 minutes. You are not allowed to slide.

And come hell, highwater, or a three foot blizzard, the game will not be cancelled.

Last game we were under a winter storm warning, not a lot of snow, but 60mph wind gusts. I really didn't want to drive in the weather, but then a teammate texted looking for a ride, so of course I agreed to drive TWO of the players to the game.

I was glad I did. The other team was short 3 players for a team, so we lent them two of ours, and one stayed over from the previous game and helped them out. So no subs for either team. I was sitting on the sidelines in a row that was comprised of myself, our varsity coach, and a couple other coaches.  I could hear them comparing notes, but tried not to eavesdrop.

The Firebird really wanted a goal.  In a scrabble near the goal, he chested one in.  A short while later, he had a throw-in that nicked the foot of a player from the other team and went in. Then, he had two assists. 

We kept leading by one, then the other team would score and tie it up. We were ahead in the last few seconds.  His teammate that rode up with us threw the ball to the Firebird from the sidelines.  The Fierbird had his back to the goal.  The throw came in low to the Firebird's feet.  Suddenly he hooked the ball and kicked it up high over his head and behind him, landing flat on his back.

The coaches all burst out in exclamation and fell off their seats laughing.

"I have NEVER seen that move before!" exclaimed our varsity coach.

"Well, I have seen a bicycle kick, but never that low," he added.

"He's YOUR son!" he chuckled as I shrugged my shoulders and laughed in agreement.

He should see some of the moves the Firebird makes up in the yard when he thinks no one is looking.  Just ask my rosebush.  :P