Monday, December 13, 2010


LOL I almost put Wednesday for the title.

My thyroid is eating my brain.

Ok, no one wants to accept that as an excuse. I keep

well, we had what my neighbor called a monsoon for the last 24 hours. Wheelbarrows full of rain,stuff blown all over, driveway and local dirt roads nearly impassable. Green grass on the lawn-I guess you can have below zero and still have green. but we are well above that today!

The geese were sooo happy to have full goose tubs of water and lots of puddles to splash in! And it was a treat to see the poultry nipping away at what little green they could find on the lawn.

The snowman we made yesterday is just a snowball.

The goats on the other hand, are another story. Mist the last two days at grain time, and the ones that need to be secured first refused to come out of hiding. If a goat lower on the goat hierarchy is tied first, the more aggressive ones delight in beating the snot out of the tied goat when your back is turned. So I don't turn my back, tie the ones that come, shake grain and try and grab the ones that come out of hiding before mayhem breaks

and then I hayed under the pines for shelter-you'd think three huge pines would fit ten goats, but no, my lovely little wimpy badger came back twice while I was cleaning the rain swept soaked houses, and finally I gave in a gave him some hay...and then his buddy came back and claimed it, so I put out more and then other goats came back and took that...poor sot, he's going to have to learn to kick their butts!


~Tonia said...

I believe you about the thyroid.. Trust me with my mom and 2 of my kids having issues with it. It does affect your memory, concentration and things of that nature. Some people just dont realize it till they have the trouble or seen the effects.
My goats have been out grazing even on the days it was single digits! I was so surprised! They have lots of hay too!
You mentioned the green grass in some of my pics.. Well some of the pics were earlier when we still had lots of grass however we have fescue here and its a cool weather grass. So it grows thick in the spring and dies off some in the heat of the summer and comes back in the fall.
Thats a lot of rain.. At least someone was happy with that much huh?..
Poor little wimpy goat....

~Tonia said...

I just wanted to tell you all Merry Christmas! I hope you can get some time to relax....
Sooo Merry Christmas to all 3 of you!