Friday, December 31, 2010


Well, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I finally got to see the endocrinologist yesterday. Last week I had gone to my PA, who took three days to return my call regarding a resting pulse of 134. She told me there was no medication for my condition and apparently did not follow up on my request to coordinate treatment with my specialist. I was told to go to my PA with the request by the endo receptionist after I frantically tried to get in to the specialist.

Well, the endo put me on two meds! Propananol for the racing heart and screwy BP, and a drug to calm the thyroid. That is not a permanent fix. Most likely I will end up having radioactive iodine to knock the thyroid down and then take a thyroid supplement, thyroxine.

If they did the iodine now it could spike my levels with a flush of thyroxine from the dying thyroid.

At any rate, I already, just since last night, feel loads better! A bit lightheaded and some stomach cramping before lunch, but so far so good.

It was a 2 hour drive each way to the specialist, and he was really nice and said we will do labs locally so I don't have to go that far every time.

I cannot believe how frustrating it was to get treatment! I complained to the nurse and Doc and said, "well, at least I didn't drop dead before the appointment, or then I would have been really mad" LOL, I don't know if they got the joke.

The doc said my thyroid levels (two months ago) were "through the roof" oh, that's nice. I had some more blood drawn yesterday for a benchmark. The thyroid med can cause white blood cells to go nuts, so if I get sick they can draw blood and compare the WBC. Hopefully that doesn't happen, because I really want this to work!

Nice to go into the New Year feeling good! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2011!

Monday, December 13, 2010


LOL I almost put Wednesday for the title.

My thyroid is eating my brain.

Ok, no one wants to accept that as an excuse. I keep

well, we had what my neighbor called a monsoon for the last 24 hours. Wheelbarrows full of rain,stuff blown all over, driveway and local dirt roads nearly impassable. Green grass on the lawn-I guess you can have below zero and still have green. but we are well above that today!

The geese were sooo happy to have full goose tubs of water and lots of puddles to splash in! And it was a treat to see the poultry nipping away at what little green they could find on the lawn.

The snowman we made yesterday is just a snowball.

The goats on the other hand, are another story. Mist the last two days at grain time, and the ones that need to be secured first refused to come out of hiding. If a goat lower on the goat hierarchy is tied first, the more aggressive ones delight in beating the snot out of the tied goat when your back is turned. So I don't turn my back, tie the ones that come, shake grain and try and grab the ones that come out of hiding before mayhem breaks

and then I hayed under the pines for shelter-you'd think three huge pines would fit ten goats, but no, my lovely little wimpy badger came back twice while I was cleaning the rain swept soaked houses, and finally I gave in a gave him some hay...and then his buddy came back and claimed it, so I put out more and then other goats came back and took that...poor sot, he's going to have to learn to kick their butts!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goats and Snow

This is Moonshadow,aka Moo, Moonie a disbudded 5 year old Nigerian/Pygmy cross wether.

This is Obi-Wan, my 4 year old Angora cross wether.

In the next photo:In the front left is Daphne, aka "Fat Daphne", Daffy, age unknown; To her right,er son, Oberhasli brown wether Derek, one of Daphne's twins(Daphne had twins, his sister not pictured, but easy to see why I had to pull the first during birth. First born was his sister, and she was bigger than Derek!) In the background is Piper, one year old cashmere wether.

Piper, Obi, and Moonie had their hooves done today. I have not been keeping up with hooves;I noticed Moo had a bulge on one of his front clews, and it turned out to be a nasty case of hoof rot. The wall was separated from the sole quite aways up. I trimmed it way up and doused it with Hoof and heel. I'll have to keep after it. The snow should help keep it clean. Piper has good feet, they were just long. Obi had some rot in his curly tippy toes, and needed a big trim.