Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Moose berries

The Willow and I took a walk a couple of weeks ago and found this in the path:

Moose manure!

That's a full sized bic lighter next to the pile for size comparison.  Yes, now I have Moose cooties!

I was relieved to see that the pile wasn't exactly fresh.  I have seen moose on the loose and they are very very large animals!  They can be quite a hazard on the roads, because they are dark so if it's night you don't see them until it is too late.  And they are so tall that a car will go right under them and the body goes through the windshield crushing the driver.

The advice is to try and aim to the front or back or get down under the dashboard in that split second before impact.

If it's daytime, stop your car well away from the moose until they go on their way.  Don't honk at them, I have seen videos of moose battering cars during the rut, thinking the honking car was a challenge!  If I was not in a car and came upon one, I would look for the nearest tree to climb or hide behind!

We do have a moose in the area-a summer or two ago I thought an animal had dug a hole in my lettuce bed, and then realized it was a moose track!  The tracks are very far apart because they have such long legs.  The moose had come right up my driveway, cut through the garden, and crossed the lawn in front of the house.

I had white tailed deer track in the driveway two days ago.  And we have a red fox that I caught trying to have goose for breakfast!  This morning I heard a red tailed hawk call in the trees.  They like nice juicy robin nestlings for breakfast.

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