Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy December

I hope everyone is well, and I want to apologize for being so slack in blogging!

As my regular readers know, I have been writing a column for a local paper once a week, and that seems to fill my writing urges.  Plus, it involves meeting a deadline and proofreading! LOL

Talk about taking the fun out of writing! :P

I don't know if anyone other than my editor actually reads my column.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I did one on a local garage that did work on my car, and the next time I visited the owner said didn't see it.  Then he pointed to his wall, where he had cut out the column and hung it up.

Then I wrote another one on a local bully, and their neighbor put a note on my mailbox the next day wanting to talk. LOL.

I recently mentioned a local lady who then sent me a lovely Christmas card and informed me she has been clipping my columns and saving them!  Talk about pressure.

I  had a severe anxiety attack when I started; figuring the locals would come down the road with torches and drive me out of town.  So I have to actually think before I type and more than once after I have hit the send button I think I ought to grab the editor for a retraction.

The last time that happened, I was too busy to get online the next day and obseessed about it all day.  When I checked my email the next day, I had two from my editor (who usually never acknowledges receipt of the column) and I was like, "oh crap!"

Then I discovered he had actually been through something quite similar and more or less concurred with me. I figured I would get some hate mail on that one, but so far so good.  Not even a nasty letter to the editor, but I am hoping my editor would give me a head's up if that was the case.  He is also fearless in not printing letters to the editor that are aggressive.

I have been really slack with my photography.  Both my cameras crapped out and I have to borrow the Willow's , which I don't like.  I did take a pic of my wreath mess (yes, it's that time of year again) but forgot to bring the camera upstairs to download it and resize it and then upload the photo.  Time is just going too fast for this old lady.

So I better wish everyone a happy holidays NOW while I am typing, becasue by the time I get upstairs and logged into blogger again it might be time for spring.


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