Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Well we have been very happy thinking that we were going to have an early spring!  We started winter a bit late but it came on like gangbusters!  I think we had record cold here but I didn't have a thermometer to say for sure.  I know it got so cold one night our toilet cracked.  My neighbor cracked her big woodstove.  Oh, it was cold!  I am guessing more (or is that less?) than -20F.

Then we had a bunch of snow.  Not any big big storms, but a bunch of 8 inchers and 5 inchers and 4 inchers and 7 inchers and it was so cold the banks got as high as if we had a couple of 2 footers.  I stopped paying to have our drive plowed a few years ago when I paid several hundred dollars one month at $25 a pop.  Then we still had to shovel and dig out the mailbox.  SO I bought a couple of snow scoops where you just push the snow around.

Well, most of the storms this year ended up being such that the WIllow couldn't help, either late starts at high school or snowing at night...So I moved a lot of snow, because our drive is like 250 feet long.

After one of the bigger ones that took me two days to clear, my dear recently widowed elderly neighbor called me to ask if I could help get her unstuck -her SUV.  It was right after Christmas.  She had pulled in right through what we call the "heater bank" which is the mountain the road crew leaves across the end of your driveway when they plow the road.  SO, she had pulled in and left it overnight-and it froze in. 

We dug and put down salt and sand and ugh!  Finally we got lucky and a local with a plow drove by and yanked her out and plowed her driveway!

But somehow I had hurt something-ever heard the term "bust a gut"/  Between all that shovelling and then trying to dig her out-so my abs have been pretty tender especially if I go do something like split wood or try and rake in the ruts in the drieway-we are now in mud season.

Well, imagine my thrill to hear that we have a winter storm warning in effect for tomorrow night!  12-18" all day Thursday.  Oh boy.  Well, I am NOT going to dig out this time.  I will leave it at the end of the driveway and hike in.

  After all, it's going to melt eventually, right?

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