Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night was bitter cold. The single paned window behind my bed was solid frost on the inside this am, so I knew it was cold. A look at the thermometer at 7:30 am when taking Peko out for his business showed 9F, and the wind was howling out of the east, with gusts to 40mph.

I let Loosey the goose out as usual, and he raced out, flapped his wings three or four times, and collapsed on the snow, shivering. Wow.

I fixed up some lukewarm water for him, and set it on a pile of hay. He was so happy! Tonight I picked up a bale of coarse hay from the local everything store, and spread it out extra thick in all the houses, giving Loosey and extra thick layer. Then I closed up his house as best I could, and did the same for the main chicken flock.

The rooster, Bloody Baron, one of two which roosts in the trees, looked especially cold today as well. The Firebird noticed him in Loosey's house this afternoon, shivering. I figured it was a good time to catch him and lock him in with the main flock. They hang out during the day, so I figured he would be ok there.

You should have heard that rooster scream when I finally cornered him. You would have thought he was heading for the chopping block. He did finally settle down in the house with the rest, so we will keep them all shut in for a few days until he figures out he can sleep there at night.

One less rooster crowing outside my window!

I missed the chance to grab Duke of Tails. I am going to secure the lower building and try and catch him and his two hens and get them in there. The hens are sleeping under one of the goat houses, so they should be warm enough tonight. I just ran out of daylight. I need to fix the door where the raccoon or fox tore a board off to kill my nesting hen this summer. Once I get that fixed, the remainder of the outdoor chickens can go in there.

If Lou looks cold again tomorrow, I am going to try and rig a house within the larger chicken house for him. I am not sure what the roosters might do if I stick the goose in there loose. The goose rules the roosters outside, but they could gang up and corner him in the house.

Warmer weather on the way for Wednesday-near 50, then back to cold weather again. A temperature roller coaster, according to the local weatherman. Oh fun.

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Velvet Ginger said...

I was wondering how it worked out putting Lou in the chicken house...or did you!
My Dad had 2 geese Silly * Sally, they werer mean to the chickens and mean to me! lol