Thursday, January 1, 2009

annual physical

I had my first physical in 7 years yesterday. Now I know why I have been putting it off. First waiting in the exam room for an hour-then having to go through my entire familial and personal history so the doc could put in on the computer-I know they already have most of this info-must have been a test for Alzheimer's.

I guess the most positive thing about that was, given my family history, doc ordered up some cholesterol bloodwork. My bp was fine at 110/62. Then it was dicovered I hadn't had a tetanus shot in 12 years ( I knew I was overdue) so that was added to the list. Then I agreed to a flu shot as well.

Then the actual exam took place-

Then I had a mammogram added to the list-will be my first-and a pelvic sonogram since I was complaining of side discomfort but physical examination didn't turn up anything major.

Finally I was through in there and went over to the lab for bloodwork and injections. Well, the highlight of the day was that I lucked out and the person who drew my blood had been an IV therapist and she was GOOD. I told her so, many times. If anyone has had blood drawn, they will admit that sometimes it can be very painful.

Some techs just have a magic touch.

Not so with the tetanus and flu shot-the flu shot hurt worse than the tetanus-until last night. I had one in each shoulder, and I like to sleep on my side. Either side. Haha. Let's just say I didn't sleep too well and my tummy feels upset today.

At least I am safe from tetanus-my granpa died from it many years ago-and hopefully I will be protected from the flu as well. It's a wait and see game on the other test results and I still have to have the last two scheduled. They better not be on my birthday-the New Year's Eve prod and poke was more than enough holiday glee for me. :P

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

YUCK Doctors!! Lol I have been told several times I need a Tetanus shot. I will get it eventually... I havent had a physical in several years either and I am not looking forward to it...