Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hooves and Cholesterol

Moonshadow had been looking a little gimpy, so in spite of the plummeting firgid temps and howling winds, I did his hooves today. They were very long! One of them had an ice ball caught up in it that I had to cut out before I could get to the hoof. It took both the saplings to hold him for me, and he was shaking like crazy. The feet came out well, though.

I got my cholesterol bloodwork back, and it came out "very good" according to the doc. The good was high and the bad was low. I am LMAO since I live on butter and double cheeseburgers-ok, that's an exageration, but really, I do like it fat and sweet. My food, that is. ;)

Still waiting on the rest of the test results-out of all of them, I think I would have taken high cholesterol-so say a little prayer everything is fine. Thanks. :)


Wood Mouse said...

Ah you see Butter is not bad for you if it is from grass fed cattle, it has high levels of omega 3s and all the good stuff. It is only the industrially produced rubbish that causes high bad cholesterol. Also as you get a lot of exercise wrestling goats, sledging and chopping wood, I bet you have the body of twenty something year old! While I will be thinking of you and hoping your tests help you pass your MOT, I bet you pass with flying colours ;-)

tree ocean said...

Thanks Mouse! :-X