Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Hot

and I'm loving it! Working my butt off at the farm-no appetite in the heat. Coming home and running down to the pond for a cool dip and letting the saplings cavort for an hour..afternoon siestas-late afternoon trips to a heat-hazed empty city...

heat fried brains leading to giggling attacks with the kids over silly twists of words, goat dust, stiff horse sweat, whine of cicadas, sleeping with no covers, Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge chunk, iced coffee (cold Starbuck's Italian Roast).

Spitting out hot coffee from the great keeps-it-too-hot-for-August thermos,

found: used Durex condom wrapper at the pond, used bent- needled syringe at the pond, red and blue deflated metallic balloons at the pond,

dust clouds from the speeding traffic up the dirt road...

Checking the almost-down-to-the-wire tire daily, re-filling the power steering fluid, thankful when another trip is accomplished, cleaned the car but still need to wash the glass.

Shaking out this year's dusty hay, walking the goats, getting my news off the internet, giving friends food money, need to borrow a lawnmower before the plaintain goes to seed...blogging when the mood strikes, teaching the dog to swim, forgetting to put on deoderant.

So what if it's a month late, it's still summer! :)


~Tonia said...

It has been a cool summer here! Love the description!!

tree ocean said...

LOL I just changed the post a bit to clarify some was stuff I found used...not used by me!