Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've had a couple days off. Doing just little things and ignoring all the major ones as summer runs to an end. Hopefully I will be able to get some things done in the afternoons once the kids start school.

Still hot-still sleeping with half the windows wide open. (screens mandatory). I had been running a fire in the stove all through June and July so I don't mind the heat a bit!

This week looks good too. Hurricane Bill is going to miss us, but high surf. We missed a tornado yesterday. I was reading the weather alerts by county and it said that a tornado a couple counties over was on the doppler radar. Willow heard that and promptly started packing a panic bag. I have no idea where she got the idea. It is actually recommended by FEMA that everyone have a panic bag.

Willow put two blankets, a small pillow, her wallet, a giant bag of nacho cheese Doritos (which her brother promptly pulled out and started eating) and a two and a half gallon jug of water. No kidding. She can be my emergency planner anyday.

We got a little rain but nothing major, not really any thunder. I felt like a storm was building all day . While walking our goats late afternoon the temps dipped and a stiff breeze riffed by and thunder grumbled way off, so we hurried them to shelter. But we got nada. Sun came out. The weathermen were saying heavy rain and wind tonight (last night on the news)but it is still calm and quiet.


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~Tonia said...

SHe sounds like a very well organized little person!! My oldest is like that Nothing out of place in her space and when its time to go she has everything packed nice and neat... Her sisters... Yeah well not so much!!lol. It is really cool here now. 50's at night and 70-80's during the day. So not August.. Kind of scares me for this winter!!!