Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bucks full of it

The bucks were full of it today. I went ahead to let them out, and they immediately took off towards the back garden. The owner was going to the Post Office, and met me there after a little while.

I went back and set up the grain, poured the fresh water, readied the collars and chains, raked the houses, and put fresh straw down. Then I went to collect the bucks.

The mature buck herd is up to 19, and that makes them tough to handle, especially with rut coming on. They had split into two groups-one with the owner up by the garden, the other group way in the woods. I was directed to head back with the first group and grain them, and Y would go searching for the rest.

Well, that first group did NOT want to go back! They had been out on their walk quite awhile, so I assume they knew that some of their friends were still off. I brrrr'd and clapped and shooshed and swished a frond of goldenrod to no avail. They kept splitting up and turning back.

Finally I decided to act like a border collie and barked and woofed and madly dashed from one side of the group to the other rounding up scragglers and got them on the woods road. Phew.

I collared and grained that group, and decided I better head back and help Boss with the rest. I got into the lower field, and there was the rest of the buck herd pushing right along the garden fence and no sign of Y.

I hooted and hollared and whistled to let her know I had the rest, and then drove them back. I was hoping she wasn't lost in the woods. I figured I would grain the rest and then go look for her, but she reappeared after a bit. What an adventure!

Here are BLF Monarch and Jacolby.

Here are Bibbles and Rue feeling their oats.

Here is a close up of BLF Hippolytus, who was stripping beech bark. Another use for those horns-to strip the bark from young trees.

Here is BLF Prince Edward enjoying some alder leaves. I love his blue eyes! He loves my raisin toast!


~Tonia said...

I like the pic of the 2 running! I havent had to handle a buck in a while. In a few weeks we will be borrowing one from a friend but he is young. I hope my older girls dont beat him up!
I know all my goats have been acting up due to coming in heat!
The mental picture of you whoofing and dashing like a border collie was to funny! Got your exercise for the day!

tree ocean said...

LOL Tonia, I was getting mad at those guys!

I forgot to bring the grain to shake the can usually brings them running-I would have gone back for it, but the garden...

Then after I had that group tied I set the grain on top of Boss's new Subaru and I heard it crash and I thought it rolled off the top, and then found out the new SUV has a sunroof-which was OPEN-yup, dropped the grain right through the roof. Lucky she still had the new car paper mats so it was a quick clean up