Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cashmere Goats

Here's one of the main herd. There are 37 in the main herd and 26 in this pic. Out for their morning stroll.

Bucks single file. I guess there are 13-15 in this pic, since some of the yearlings are still out of sight.First three: Lars, Prince Edward, Zuess.

The line spreads out: Monarch has the biggest horns-he's back in the pack.

I call this one, "Wait for us!" As the yearling bucks race to catch up to the big boys.


~Tonia said...

The single file pic is SO funny!!! They are all so nice looking and love the horns. Very pretty fellas!

Mo Machiva said...

Your animals are very beautiful. I'm very new to animal care, and I'm trying to get more views on horning vs. disbudding. What are the benefits of horns on your goats, and what sort of problems come up become of them and how severe are they?

Martha Ann said...

We posted about these beautiful goats and your blog at http://is.gd/35tBj www.AllThingsGoat.com