Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September

Septembers arrival usually means the end of summer here. School has started and all the folks from away with school age kids have gone away.

But the weather is saying summer isn't over yet. Yesterday Bangor had a high of 97. Today looks to be more of the same. I still need to finish some work on the roof, but if I'm getting up there today it better be pretty quick. The sun is already beating down with a vengeance.

Hurricane Earl might give us some rain the end of the week. I am dreading working Sat morning at the farm in rain and high wind. Nothing like the smell of 15 mature wet bucks!

My saplings are back to school. The Firebird is at a larger school, and is trying out for soccer. There was only one other kid in his grade at his last school! A big change but he's loving it.


~Tonia said...

We have rain and 80's right now.
79* is the high Saturday! We are trying to get the second pasture fence up but its a no go and with the rain that means I will have to mow and that means I have to buy a blade since the last time we mowed it got bent..Really bad!lol
We have 3 little wet bucks and they stink!!
Good luck to Firebird in soccer!

~Tonia said...

Reply about the fence..For corners on the T-post or like here starting the fence line from another fence we use a piace of garden hose. Kyle cuts it, runs wire through it and then wires it to the post. A very inexpensive recycled fence insulator that wont pop off!! Iwill have to post apicture of it sometime.. I meant to this time but forgot...