Thursday, September 23, 2010

Praying Mantis

R and I were walking the bucks at Prescott and saw three praying mantis hanging upside down on the old clapboards. I thought the bucks might have scared them up to safety, and then R saw this one catch a spider. So perhaps it was just good hunting!

The farm took in 6 bucklings from another farm. They are all sons of our beloved Zeus,who was killed (now the word is perhaps by a BEAR) protecting the herd of does he was breeding. Three of the weanling bucklings are from the same doe! One is a black and white badger with short guard hair. The other two are brown badgers with lighter enormous droopy ears! What a cute trio!

Then there are two white boys with wattles and blue eyes! And the last is a dark brown that looks the most like his sire. Counting recuperating Homer, there are 17 bucks on the hill. 15 mature ones at Prescott. That's a lot of buck!

I am looking for a replacement vehicle. The bank has agreed to loan me some used car money...for 10% interest! I think that's pretty steep for a bank loan considering how low interest rates are supposed to be! But I'll take it and be glad of it!

Haven't had a frost yet, but the tomato plants have expired. Waiting for our pumpkins to turn orange. Praying for a foot of rain. Enjoying being a soccer Mom!

The Firebird saved the goalie at tonight's game. The goalie came out to grab the ball, and it got away from him. The goal was wide open and one of the opposing team was almost in with the ball. The Firebird dashed in, stole the ball, and got it out of there! The goalie was so happy he hugged The Firebird and said, "Thanks, I love you!"

Willow and I were on the bleachers tonight with some other home team parents, and the Firebird came right up to our sidelines trying to steal the ball. He is so tall he was running behind the kid with the ball and reaching his feet around to get the ball. We had a big chuckle out of that!

Our big football type defense player, D, was on the sidelines when we got to yesterday's game, holding an icepack to his face. I later learned that he had collided with a kid from the other team and chipped his tooth into the kid's head. OUCH! I am glad we missed that! D was back in the game today, but he looked a little off and kept taking his mouthguard out.

They don't have another game until Wednesday, so D ought to be healed by then. Yeah, I'm hooked, soccer is a blast!

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~Tonia said...

Soccer sounds like fun except the umm chipped tooth.Ouch!
We only have 2 bucks here right now and the is more than enough.. I am wishing they wer eon the back 40...If we had a back 40....