Sunday, September 15, 2013

Putting stuff by

Well. Lots has been going on, more than usual, and I was lucky to remember my password since I seem to have misplaced my cheat sheetwhile  swapping rooms with the Willow.

Tonia, if you're still reading this, I haven't been able to post comments on your blog, but I love your posts!  Your last one on the cayenne tincture with apple cider vinegar was very interesting!

I just started playing with tinctures this year.

I had a huge patch of Motherwort that I got sick of last year and tried to eradicate.  Then I realized I could be making tinctures out of it which is good for hysterical complaints, stress, and toning feminine parts such as easing cramping.

I used 100 proof vodka-stuffed several jars full of Motherwort and topped off with the vodka.  I shook it whenever I rememebered but it has since been pushed back in the pantry and is ready to strain and bottle!

A friend picked up 2 dozen brown tincture bottles with droppers so I just have to get a plastic funnel and a stainless strainer to put it away.

I also put up Yarrow tincture which I have used already. The Willow came complaining of a spider bite on the top of her foot, and I dipped some Q tips in the tincture and applied to the bite. She howled and said it stung, but it took care of the itching and swelling.

Or, she didnt' dare complain again. ;)

I infused some mullein flowers in olive oil for earachesl

I harvested herbs like mad this year, and have put a lot away in zip lock bags instead of leaving it hanging from the rafters all winter,. I hope to transfer them to glass jars now they have cured.,  Coltsfoot, mullein, lemon balm, oregano, margoram, heal all, spearmint, catnip, yarrow....

The Firebird had the unwelcome task of pulling yarrow from the farm field, and I had him bring several giant bags full home, most of which I never attended to and ended up composting. But I have a large amount still hanging from the rafters; which I plan on making Yarrow Beer and saving the rest for tea.

I just unbottled all my blackberry juice, since it was too heavy on honey, and tossed in some champagne yeast, hoping to get some blackberry wine.

I simmered the few elderberries I had on the property to make a "rob" and look forward to sipping on that in a cup of hot water in the throes of winter.

I put up several jars of zucchini pickles and relish from the monster zucchini I keep forgetting to pick.

I decided not to waste our tomatoes this year, and tried to can 5 pints this afternoon.  One didn't seal, and one jar broke. Grrr. 69 cents a can at the store, they really don't want people fending for themselves because after all that work and the cost of the gas and the jars and the seedlings...that was about 10 dollars a pint.

A dozen pepper plants have so far yielded two ripe chili peppers which went into the zucchini relish.

I have a ton of greens, turnip, collards, mustard, and I am going to try and make kimchi. Fermented greens.  I am just waiting for the weather to cool down a little more.  I won't be canning that, since the heat destroys the good bacteria.  I don't want to dig a hole and bury it, as is traditional, since I don't think I will feel like digging it up again.  So I still have to figure out what to do with it if I make it.

Carrots failed, spinach failed, beets failed,cukes failed, morning glories failed.  The purple beans did well, but I stopped harvesting them because I want to save the seed for next year.  The two packets of green bean seed yielded two bean plants, one of which produced four beans the other two beans.  I am going to save the seed for next year.  They are in another part of the property from the purple so I hope to have two varieties for next year.

I had lots of extra 8 ounce jelly jars, so I bought 6 pounds of butter and canned that. I found a recipe online.  6 pounds made 15 8 ounce jars.  You sterilize your jars and lids as usual, bring the butter up to a boil and simmer 5 minutes, jar it, and when they ping shake every few minutes until cool, then stick in the fridge and shake every 5 minutes until hard and it will keep on the shelf a long time. Just make sure to wait until they ping, which miss impatient here did not do.

I pushed the lids down, thought that was good, and shook to have them squirt hot melted butter all over me.  They ended up good anyhow, all sealed ok, but a couple are not as full as when I started. 

Mugli the kitten was quite happy to lick the pan and clean up the overflow.

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