Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday

Funny, the Willow just looked over my shoulder and asked, "why are you on google docs?"

Because since the resumption of the school year, I have become aware of the fact that everything a child in the public school system does is part of the google enterprise, or the apple enterprise.
.docs on the Ipad.
and of course the privacy notice states that those companies can do whatever they want with the information.

Which is one of the reasons that I have become unreasonably quiet online.

But, give me enough dandelion wine and I can still recall a password and a place to run my mouth.

Dandelions picked at the height of spring, on hands and knees observed by a herd of thirty cashmere goats, their seconds.

For although the field at a distance was blaze of golden yellow, on closer inspection the blossoms were average size, the goats having taken the top choice blossoms as soon as they opened.

I think my shoulders got sunburned that day, as I crept along with the the dreaded plastic shopping bag, snap, snap, snap, the goats a few dozen yards away on the knoll chewing their own morning's accumulations of blossoms.

I may have stripped down to a bra, but can't recall as I was caught in the moment, snap, snap snap...

I hustled the blossoms home, already starting to wilt in the heat, and put them on the stove with fresh drawn spring water, orange and lemon zest and juice...blond raisins, heck, a little of this, a little of that, I tend to be a cook that flies by the seat of her pants or the cup of her bra as it were in the height of the spring solstice...

I converted gallon water jugs by melting a hole in the cap that fit the of my knife steeles was the proper diameter after a few trial runs with various screwdrivers over the propane burner.

and they sat on the shelf for several weeks and then were racked, or siphoned off and re-jugged and topped off with more spring water...and eventually bottled in sanitized beer bottles for the winter solstice.

when they were passed out as gifts to a select few- although bottled a little late they were not quite ready at the solstice.

But now, a month later, it is summer and spring in a bottle, clear and sweet and intoxicating.

Polar vortex I moon you with my bottle of springtime,

last week we had a bit of a warming trend, a few days above freezing, and I took the opportunity to get 3-1.2 gallons of birthday beer on the brew,  3 pounds of amber malt, about a pound of corn sugar, a pound of dark crystal malt for the boil.,.1/2 ounce of goldings hops for the boil, the other half ounce for the ferment,

Huddled around the second floor stovepipe with a scabbed hot water jacket and some aluuminum flashing
(my place is cold in the winter for brewing an ale)

took off like a bast***** racked and bottled in six days and could have done it on day four..

and hoping that the prime completes in a week.

because it is called "birthday beer" and I plan on cracking it within a week.

because the dandelion wine is going fast...


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