Sunday, May 5, 2024

Passing Time

 That seems to be what I have been up to since mid winter. That is also about the time that my over the air signals for TV start to cut out. I don't know what is more annoying-pixels or the former static of a poor analog signal. 

I realized I could use the savings from subscription TV and some birthday money and buy DVDs.

I started with Avatar the Way of Water, which was good, but left me wishing I had seen it on the big screen.

Then I binge watched the Avengers franchise. I think the Ironman movies were my fave, ironic since those are the only separate videos I had already owned. 

Next up was "The Last Kingdom" a series which follows the adventures of Uhtred (fictional character the real one comes well after King Alfred). I enjoyed that so much I turned around and watched it again. It's pretty gorey and the battles are pretty realistic.

After that, "The 100", a series about Earth after nuclear Armageddon. Humans that have survived for generations on a space station a that is running low on life support, so they toss 100 young people on the planet to see if it is livable. The first few episodes were a lot of "Ya right" and a bit too teen ish for me, but once I let go and accepted the ya right's as fictional license and the characters started to grow on me, it got better. There are various conflicts the main characters face throughout, and they get kind of out there as the seasons progress, but as long as you get your mind around accepting the improbabilities it is a fun ride.

Next up was the John WIck series, and here I got ebay burned as the 2nd one kept cutting the audio and popping up that it was an unauthorized copy. WHAT?! I got a refund, and a few weeks later I thought I would see if #'s 3 and 4 worked, and they did- But on the whole it was like watching a shoot em up video game with real people. It's just annihilation, with some plot, but c'mon "The Table?" Couldn't come up with a better name for Illuminati?

Next up was the series "the White Queen" which was ok, England during the time of the War of the Roses. I selected both this and The Last Kingdom because the family genealogy book shows a line of Royal descent which includes King Alfred and some of the characters in the White Queen  Funny the ones to which I am distantly related are rather obnoxious characters on the screen. :))

King Alfred in the Last Kingdom- boy is he a royal prick. But there is a redenption scene in the series that left me bawling-I thought very highly of this series and have been tempted to rewatch it a third time! Especially since I have been waiting weeks for the sequel to the White Queen (came from China, apparently), The White Princess. This picks up where the White Queen let off, but I think most of the characters are different actors which was disappointing. I watched the first three episodes yesterday and they weren't too riveting. 

I had to take a break to watch PBS' The Indian Doctor. Last night was the second episode and I have been really enjoying that. It's about an Indian doctor and his wife going to Wales to serve a rural community. Love the characters and acting.

Books haven't been ignored, either. There is sort of a free library at the transfer station, so I grab a couple handfuls and try and remember to bring some back. I have A LOT of books here. Downstairs the two floor to ceiling cases are full to overflowing, the stand under the TV has a quadruple stack, the shelf under this desk randomly spits books on the floor. Oh yes, the floor. Under the couch is a favorite stash point, and that is so full I can't jam my slippers under there anymore. Don't forget all the books upstairs, either.

My most recent two reads-yesterday, "The Irishman's Daughter" by VS Alexander, based during in Ireland during the Irish Potato famine. Before that, "Strongbow" The Story of Richard and Aoife, by Morgan llywelyn. This one I ordered because when I was looking at the family's line of Royal descent, I discovered we are descendants of Richard and Aoife through their daughter Isabel. I was really excited because I have always felt bereft that as far as I knew we had no Irish in our background.

The Firebird and his GF recently went on a trip to Ireland (she is Irish) and I discouraged him from flouting his last name because it is very English. Then I came across this descended from Irish High king thing and was very excited. Except, Aoife's father (an Irish King) is actually considered a traitor to Ireland because he literally brought the English Army into Ireland to reclaim his seat. That is where "Strongbow" comes in-  So I am not sure that gives us any Irish bragging rights-

In books or in movies, apparently my ancestors were not well loved. 

Somewhere in this stretch I decided to re watch "A History of Violence" starring Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello, directed by David Cronenburg. When I watched it years ago, I was aghast at the violence, and never had the stomach to re watch it. After watching GOT twice through, and The Last Kingdom,(and the John Wick movies -#2) I found the violence in the History of Violence to be rather tame. I guess it was tame compared to some of the horror movies at the time, but I don't watch those. Because I spend most of them hiding my eyes. :P

And yes, I still do that in some scenes especially head splitting and eye gouging.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Forest Sunset


Friday, February 9, 2024

Do you remember?

 I used to have an amazing memory. I could recall conversations word for word. I recently started listening to the radio again, and I amaze myself with the amount of lyrics I know without making any attempt to learn them.

Now I am in my 60's, my brain is full of information. Since I have suffered several concussions, smoke and used to drink, probably some of that gray matter is no longer functioning.

I can't begin to imagine how much information is in President Biden's brain after a lifetime in politics. When I look back at my life, I have certain marks that I count off to figure what year something happened.I know that my mother died very close to when my daughter was born (2001 that's an easy number to recall) but I have to really think about if she died in 01, 02 or even 00. 

Once I got my boys' birthday years scrambled and the reaction from the oldest was enough to make sure I was right before I ever opened my mouth about THAT again.

The latest headline today about Biden saying one country's president's name when speaking about a different country doesn't tell me that he is incompetent. It tells me that  Mexico is on his mind (the president whom he named in error).

On the other hand, the way I read Art 14 is that Trump should not be on the ballot, and that Congress may with 2/3 majority over ride that. Not that it is up to Congress to remove him. 

But, despite not great primary results, I think Biden would be in trouble if Haley was the Republican nominee. I think Trump supporters would vote for her in the end, and that she would appeal to women an minorities more so than Biden.

I think it is sad that so many support Trump. His many crimes and behavior should embarrass Americans. After his four years, the country has seen an increase in violence, racism, and, in general, hate for anyone not white bread. I think his actions contributed to what is happening in Ukraine (he worshiped at the feet of Putin) AND Gaza-making Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel. 

He continually tried to provoke China during the COVID epidemic. And thought injecting bleach might treat COVID. I mean, seriously. Yet the news is all a fire because Biden had difficulty recalling years that a specific event occurred?

Big deal.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Religion vs State

 I am not anti semetic. Apparently I don't even know how to spell it, according to the red squiggly line under the word.

I grew up in a very Jewish suburban neighborhood. There were three synagogues within walking distance, and most of my friends were Jewish. I didn't understand religious differences until one year, I think it was 6th grade, I sent out Christmas cards to all my friends. I don't think they had bible quotes, just generic Merry Christmas.

One of my friends was Orthodox Jew. They follow stricter rules. Her parents were very very upset about the card and thought I was trying to convert their daughter. Luckily for me I was still invited to slumber parties, and even her bas mitvah, where I was blown away by her standing in front of a LOT of people and singing in Hebrew. 

As an older adult, I don't find the need to differentiate people based on religion. As long as people are kind and honest, to each their own.

I am horrified by the current situation in the Middle East. Because Israel is considered the "Jewish State" any criticism of its politics can and is viewed as anti semitism. 

I don't know how the raid, kidnapping, and murder of Israelis happened, and in fact a very large percentage of Israeli citizens are demonstrating for answers, and even the resignation of the Prime Minister. Are they anti-semetic?

Now Gaza is on complete lockdown, and Israel is bombing the crap out of it. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. No or little aid, whole blocks being reduced to rubble. The death and devastation is sickening. Israel claims Hamas is using civilians as shields, but Israel is not allowing any of them to leave. 

It is absolute genocide. The latest news is that Israel plans to establish a permanent presence in Gaza-presumably once they raze enough land to house their permanent presence.

I am not anti semetic, once again, I repeat. I beg the Jewish residents of Israel to continue protesting and I know that a large majority of them are just as horrified as I am. 

I support Jews, as well as Palestinians. I cannot condone the atrocities that are occurring in Gaza. 

9/11 comes up-I think in the long run the only thing that made America safer was stricter rules for airline travel and training of pilots. 

Some of you may be aware of the recent tragedy here in Maine regarding a mass shooting in Lewiston. One in a list of many across the country. Once again, the only thing that will make us safer is to create stricter rules for gun ownership. This should not frighten responsible gun owners. 

One thing I have noticed is the shooting seems to have brought the loonies out in droves. Maine has seen several new threats from individuals wanting to jump on the mass shooting bandwagon. The only smile cracked at the press conference announcing the discovery of the shooter's body was when it was announced that there would be no delay in the start of deer hunting season for Maine residents the next day. (smiles, nods and chuckles)

I thought it was tasteless, and thought out of respect for the victims, perhaps Maine deserved a day without guns. The opposite happened. I heard at least twenty gunshots through the day on that Saturday, 25 years here and never heard anything like it. Some of those twenty was someone apparently just banging off a few. I wondered if it was not someone from out of state feeling frustrated because the locals got first crack at the deer herd, or maybe just some random nut job declaring his right to own and shoot as much as he wanted.

Thankfully the neighborhood has quieted down in the meantime, with just one or two shots heard throughout the day. But those images coming out of Gaza!! Oh, they make me physically ill! My support and love goes out to the Jewish community, but I will not condone the actions of Israel in their pursuit of genocide and the slaughter of innocents. Shame! 

Monday, September 18, 2023



Sunday, September 3, 2023


 Twenty-five years ago I bought a self pollinating plum and a grape vine from Fedco.

Both have been moved at least once.The grape finally yielded a bunch of grapes two or three years ago (none since) and finally, the plum produced 13 plums despite a wicked late freeze in May that actually fried emerging oak leaves.

More than half of the plums were severely cracked, but as I bit into a nice one, fully expecting a deluge of sour and bitter, I was blown away by the best plum I have ever tasted. 

Yesterday was a good day. I started off replaying a video of three does browsing under the power line along the driveway caught on the security cam. Then I scared off a pair of brown ducks from the cove on my morning stroll. That was immediately followed by spotting a huge bullfrog hanging out in the pool by "my spot", just his head above the water, but the rest of his body easily seen through the clear water.

Then I harvested my plums. A little while later I saw a luna moth caterpillar on my car and relocated it. Then a local channel was playing a marathon of a show I have been watching which consumed the rest of the day and evening.

I could have capped off the evening by going to a Brett Dennan performance, but I started trying to remember the last time I drove after dark and it started turning into years...As I snuggled down on the couch at 8pm, the start of showtime, I was glad that I opted to stay in. 

My idea of enjoying a musical performance is not sitting rigidly in a seat-once I was actually asked to scooch down in my seat-(at a Dan Fogelberg concert I went to years ago with my sister)

Same sister was asked to "sit down" at an Eric Clapton concert which we attended. (she replied, "It's Eric Clapton, I am NOT sitting down!")

Anyhow, it was a good day yesterday. Hopefully it is a sign this will be a good month after a string of depressing ones.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome June