Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Religion vs State

 I am not anti semetic. Apparently I don't even know how to spell it, according to the red squiggly line under the word.

I grew up in a very Jewish suburban neighborhood. There were three synagogues within walking distance, and most of my friends were Jewish. I didn't understand religious differences until one year, I think it was 6th grade, I sent out Christmas cards to all my friends. I don't think they had bible quotes, just generic Merry Christmas.

One of my friends was Orthodox Jew. They follow stricter rules. Her parents were very very upset about the card and thought I was trying to convert their daughter. Luckily for me I was still invited to slumber parties, and even her bas mitvah, where I was blown away by her standing in front of a LOT of people and singing in Hebrew. 

As an older adult, I don't find the need to differentiate people based on religion. As long as people are kind and honest, to each their own.

I am horrified by the current situation in the Middle East. Because Israel is considered the "Jewish State" any criticism of its politics can and is viewed as anti semitism. 

I don't know how the raid, kidnapping, and murder of Israelis happened, and in fact a very large percentage of Israeli citizens are demonstrating for answers, and even the resignation of the Prime Minister. Are they anti-semetic?

Now Gaza is on complete lockdown, and Israel is bombing the crap out of it. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. No or little aid, whole blocks being reduced to rubble. The death and devastation is sickening. Israel claims Hamas is using civilians as shields, but Israel is not allowing any of them to leave. 

It is absolute genocide. The latest news is that Israel plans to establish a permanent presence in Gaza-presumably once they raze enough land to house their permanent presence.

I am not anti semetic, once again, I repeat. I beg the Jewish residents of Israel to continue protesting and I know that a large majority of them are just as horrified as I am. 

I support Jews, as well as Palestinians. I cannot condone the atrocities that are occurring in Gaza. 

9/11 comes up-I think in the long run the only thing that made America safer was stricter rules for airline travel and training of pilots. 

Some of you may be aware of the recent tragedy here in Maine regarding a mass shooting in Lewiston. One in a list of many across the country. Once again, the only thing that will make us safer is to create stricter rules for gun ownership. This should not frighten responsible gun owners. 

One thing I have noticed is the shooting seems to have brought the loonies out in droves. Maine has seen several new threats from individuals wanting to jump on the mass shooting bandwagon. The only smile cracked at the press conference announcing the discovery of the shooter's body was when it was announced that there would be no delay in the start of deer hunting season for Maine residents the next day. (smiles, nods and chuckles)

I thought it was tasteless, and thought out of respect for the victims, perhaps Maine deserved a day without guns. The opposite happened. I heard at least twenty gunshots through the day on that Saturday, 25 years here and never heard anything like it. Some of those twenty was someone apparently just banging off a few. I wondered if it was not someone from out of state feeling frustrated because the locals got first crack at the deer herd, or maybe just some random nut job declaring his right to own and shoot as much as he wanted.

Thankfully the neighborhood has quieted down in the meantime, with just one or two shots heard throughout the day. But those images coming out of Gaza!! Oh, they make me physically ill! My support and love goes out to the Jewish community, but I will not condone the actions of Israel in their pursuit of genocide and the slaughter of innocents. Shame! 

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