Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day off

Today the weather is yuck. Snow, sleet, then rain and wind. Spring is coming! I wish that I had some maples tapped-I bet the sap is running today!

Worked the last two days at the farm, and my arms are tired! Yesterday I combed Sandhja, an older silver doe. She is very skittish, but she was very well behaved for combing. She wasn't releasing much cashmere, though.

Willow worked on little Bella again. Then I moved over to Bella's mother, Buffy. Buffy is a nice goat, except when you try and comb her.; She would really like to get me with her horns! So I was hanging on one horn trying to comb with the other and pin her against the wall with my leg at the same time.

P. was trying to trim one of the Fjord mare's manes without much luck. She had her hands full as well. So she came over and held Buffy while I brushed Buffy quick and hard. She was really a mess and I got quite a lot of cashmere off her in a short time. She kept jumping even with P holding her.

Then I went over and worked on Bella. I got a lot of cashmere off of her too. The farrier showed up to trim and re-shoe the horses. They have winter shoes on the front. Finally I was through with the three does, and Boss asked if I wanted to go to Prescott to work on Chrissie, so we did.

Chris was a handful. I find it difficult to comb over at Prescott because it seems the sun is always in my eyes there. I don't dare squat to comb a bouncing buck with their great horns, so I lean over, which kills my back. Still, I got quite a lot of cashmere off of him. Boss had two boys with her, so they were done in short time and she was ready to leave.

There is a farm rule that one person may not be alone with the bucks, so I had to leave too. Boss gave us the option of going back to the farm, but since there was only 45 minutes left, and my back was killing me, I decided just to go home early.

It was suppertime when I found out that she had called my old cellphone shortly afterward. I had borrowed the phone from a friend in the past, but have since leased my own phone, which Boss didn't know. So my friend told me that the farm had called earlier in the day.

I called Boss and left a message explaining what had happened. I imagine with my history she was worried I was in a temper and quit. LOL. Really, I was totally fine with leaving early. I never feel like going back to the farm after the bucks. They are a real workout and hard to deal with, and I just don't have that much energy anymore. Showing my age, I guess. ;)

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