Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a week

Worked Sunday and Monday at the farm. I don't even have the energy to try and recall which goats we combed. Rest assured, when I laid down for a nap yesterday I saw cashmere with my eyes closed. LOL.

No one else wants to comb! Boss gave the boys a a chance to comb a buck or scrape wet hay and manure and they chose scraping.

I am taking today and tomorrow off. Maybe Thursday too, since the rain that caused me to call off for tomorrow might hold off until Thurs. LOL. Can't comb a wet goat.

The highlight of the last two days was an incident with the buck, Prince. He has taken a shine to Willow. He has an enormous rack of horns and stands pretty tall. He has bright blue eyes and is a brown color with light points-sort of like a red doberman pinscher.

We were combing Chriss and Prince came running over and decided he wanted some of that hay. I tried to scare him off without luck, so I decided to comb him. That usually drives them off. Prince forgot himself for a moment and starting rubbing his cheek on my hip while I vigorously brushed his back. Then he realized, and leapt away. He rose to his back legs, and I thought he was going to pretend butt me, but instead he did several 360 turns mid air, twisting his massive rack of horns, and bounded off. Willow and I laughed and laughed. I have never seen a full grown buck act like a little kid.

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