Thursday, March 26, 2009

We combed at the farm today. Willow started off on Sandja-an older grey doe that came to the farm skittish and skin and bones last year. She was very quiet to comb, so I put Willow on her and went to work on Nasrim.

Nasrim is another grey doe, with fluffy light cashmere that acts like a chaff magnet. Her fiber was full of shavings and hay chaff, although I did my best to clean her up first.

Sanja started giving Willow a hard time, so I swapped as Nasrim was being very sweet.

Then we went down back and P caught Galli, a wether, for us. I had actually never combed Galli. I thought he was going to be trouble, but he was very sweet for both of us. Even on his long-fringed guard hair on his back legs-he stood stock still. Then I remembered that K always combed Galli and I knew why! LOL. He was a fast easy comb-a clean bag of fiber in short time.

Then we went with P over to the big bucks, since the boys were repairing the buckling fence.

I set Willow up with Chrissie and started in on Leif. They were both very good. The only time Leif got jumpy was when P tried to hold him. I want to get a picture of Willow combing Chrissie. They are adorable together.

Willow has developed quite a fan following with the bucks. Today we went in to clean, and Prince, Hjalmar,Duke, and Chrissie stood in front of her in admiration while she chatted to them. Then she called Homer over, and he came running over to rub his head on her.

I was beat at the end. I worked hard and combed and combed. I hope it rains tomorrow so I can sleep in!! :D

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