Friday, May 8, 2009

Beach Day

We took a trip to the beach today. On the way we stopped to see if the alewives were running, and they weren't. Peko managed to leave a couple of prints in the fresh concrete the guys were patching in to restore the fish ladder. We missed the alewive run last year-we will have to make another trip in a week or two.

We were the ONLY people on the beach. Friday noon, 67F, and the gates were open. The maintenance crew was mowing the ball field, and I had a moment of panic that we would be be sent packing with the dog, but they ignored us.

I left the leash on Peko just in case-the first time I have let him run at the beach, and I think he had more fun than the kids. He showed them he could dig better holes, and spent quite a bit of time early on trying to drag them away from the water. Once or twice he accidentally got caught by a wave-he looks very upset in the one pic of him with his feet in the water.

Peko also spent some time trying to snatch seaweed from Willow-and then he would "kill it" by shaking it furiously.

I screwed up my lens cover and it stuck shut, but the pics I took in the meantime still came out through the open slit, so I cropped them. Then the ones I took in replacement, I managed to put a finger over the corner of every one.

On the way home, we passed these two bulls on the side of the road. They were enormous. I had to take their pix, too.

On the trip we had McD's and then hand scooped Giffords Ice Cream-Peko had a plain burger and a scoop of plain vanilla topped with a doggie biscuit.

Finally, back in our neck of the woods, we spotted four Golden Eagles hunting over some woods. Can't really see them in the pic, but we still had a golden day!

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