Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mmmmm dirty laundry

Here is Panther finding a cozy spot in the sun which happened to be shining on the laundry basket.

The dawn dawned with fog. And more fog. Thick and grey and bright in my east window. I soooo wanted to get up and take some pix, but it was just too cozy in bed. The fog burned off by the time I got up, and I let the geese out while the coffee was brewing.

The goats started yelling-sunshine usually means an early feeding for them since I usually comb at the farm.. Tough luck, kids...

Well, we have been getting lots done in the garden.! Put in some early red potatoes, and finally planted the pumpkins. Also planted some green onion seed, basil, and bright lights swiss chard.

We were skunked at fishing all week. Yesterday Willow no sooner had her line in, a wicked thunderstorm broke and we fled home. Today, it started raining as soon as they got lines in, and then stopped raining, but still no bites. Just raining again now as I type.

Did some goat hooves earlier in the week: Cricket and Anakin. Everyone looks pretty good, but we have lots of rock for them to play on in the summer, and I think that help keep the hooves ground down.

Fiber Frolic coming up Saturday. Willow has soooo wanted to enter showmanship, but we would have to be there, with goats, all day. I told her I don't need a judge to tell me she knows goats. And the only cashmere we might enter for the goat show part would be Nic, and he's a wether anyhow, although it would be a tempting excuse to offer him for sale, lol. She had wanted to show Daph or Obiwan in showmanship. So the plan is to go mid-day to catch the goat show as watchers, eat some gyros from my friends stand, and maybe check out the used equipment.

Watch this space for photos. :)

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Wood Mouse said...

I know this is probably a dumb question from a dumb mouse, but what are Gyros?

PS my cat loves laying on the laundry too, especially my socks!