Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still combing

Tree50 9

Still combing cashmere at the farm. Mostly just cleanup-a few bucks still have major amounts of cashmere. By the time we get to the bucks, I don't have much more than a half hour to comb-so I don't get very far!

This is a pic of Mary and one of her twins. It had such a funny expression I had to take the pic, although there is a lot of glare off her shiny black coat.

Behind is the grey wether yearling. I combed him today and got quite a bit off him, and that was just his neck. So he still has quite a bit that will be releasing in another week or two.

Looks like we're still on for the farmer's market this weekend, selling goat meat and fiber. Hope the weather is good since I don't know how to put up the canopy. :D

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~Tonia said...

That baby is to funny!! WIshing good weather for you this weekend!!