Friday, November 20, 2009

I Broke My Computer

Yesterday morning I happened to look down and see some dust bunnies on my computer power strip, and reached down to brush them off. Then I hit the power switch. Uh Oh.'

My computer has been having issues when I unplug it during electrical storms, and has been refusing to turn back on. It definitely did NOT like being shut off while on, because it would not turn back on. After trying various things, I called tech support and you can imagine how that went Right to India.

-after jumping through some computerized questions- The first person I talked to had something wrong with the setting and my voice kept repeating on a time delay, and I thought it was him and kept saying, what? Then I had to find a service number on the back of the comp, and I couldn't find a flashlight so I put the phone down to strike a match and dropped the phone through the bookcase and couldn't find it while shouting frantically not to disconnect....

Then I was transferred to someone else, and had to repeat the fiasco with the match for the number again , and went through a procedure to reset the comp which didn't work, so I was transferred once again to order a power supply (30-40 he said) and was sent to the wrong guy who again asked for the number (this time I had him read it back so I could write it down and stop lighting matches), but then he told me he couldn't transfer me to the right person and to call back.

So I called back and went through all the computerized questions in order to be transferred and was disconnected.

Then I called back again and was so annoyed the computer could not recognize my answers, "I'm sorry, I didn't get that..." aaaaagh.

Finally I got to a real person who tranfserred me to sales and then I had a woman with a different sort of accent who kept talking rapidly repeatedly calling me "sir" Ok, I have a deep voice but i should have been screeching by then.

After holding twice, the power supply was located, only $56 plus tax and shipping would be $74 and it would come marked "refurbished" Hopefully by Thanksgiving and hopefully with installation instructions and hopefully the actual source of the problem.

I am on my son's mactop from the school program, and for a brand new mac the thing is slower than death. I was chastised by tech support for the age on my desktop, but the thing is like high speed compared to this. I am assuming the filters on this slow it down, and I am not supposed to change stuff around since it is part of the laptop program.

I am not used to the small keyboard, but it does type fast when I don't hit the cap lock every other word when there is an a in the sentence. I really don't know why comp designers put cap lock there. I mean, how many times do you ever use cap lock? If I need a series of cap I usually hold the shift down. I would prefer the delete or backspace button to be there, since I find I prefer that to correct my typos than using the mouse, wah-wah-wah at least I am online!

I just wanted to post an update about breaking my poor comp to explain why I might not be online much until I get it fixed. Keep your fingers crossed!

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