Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Willow's Poems

Willow is so creative with her drawings. Her writing is coming along nicely as well. Here are a couple things she wrote the other day. I am fixing the spelling but was tempted to leave the errors since they are so cute.

The Ocean

The Ocean is so beautiful.
The blues greens and grays.
All the fish too little and big
but they're all the same. Fast and
slow. Big and small, pretty and ugly, shiny and dark edible not
edible. They're all they're all the same
except cold blooded and warm blooded.

Willow Trees

Willow trees are so beautiful,
they are brown green. They glisten
in the beautiful meadow, bees bugs
and butterflies, birds and leaves
surround it the leaves swing back
and forth. " I wish I could watch
the willow trees more but I have
to go."

The World

The World is so beautiful
The greens, the blues and browns
all the colors stand
for something. Blue stands for
ocean, green stands for grass
and brown stands for ground
the world is so beautiful.

1 comment:

Wood Mouse said...

I agree with the sentiment, the world is beautiful