Friday, March 12, 2010


Took a road trip to Belfast today with major laundry in tow. Good excuse to wander the town. During the wash cycle, I hiked down to the waterfront and grabbed some pics.

Imm. Black-backed gull, Belfast Harbor

Belfast Harbor with crows

Heckle and Jeckyll with Artist


Dryer time, I canvassed the local whole foods shop and found several nice snacky organic treats for the kids-plus a stock up on spices; oregano, chili powder, sage, mustard seed. And a trip through whole grains; some cashews, organic red lentils and dall.

Looked longingly at the organic yerba mate and homebrewing supplies-next trip.

Indian fare in the offing-think I covered most of the basic ingredients for a big feed tomorrow. Just off to google a few

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~Tonia said...

I like the Heckle and Jeckyll pic!!