Monday, March 8, 2010


I finally had a day off yesterday, and a gorgeous one it was, too. I was doing afternoon chores in a t-shirt! And it is 54 and sunny out there right now-54 in the shade! I had the house 78 last night and was

Saw 2012 last night that movie was awesome! Wow! TG the Firebird had to pause it to lock up the geese because I was all tense on the edge of my seat! I am glad I didn't see it in the theater; that would have been too much!

Sat with a dying deer on the side of the road yesterday afternoon. I thought it was dead and stopped to see and it was taking its last gasps. I didn't see a mark on it and tried to roll it onto its chest and then it fell over the other way and I saw a place on its head that looked like a bullet hole!

After it died I dragged it up into the woods into a little hollow and covered it with leaves. I did hate to waste the meat but I didn't have a knife on me to bleed it and I would have had to call a game warden to get their permission to take it.

I felt so sad for it. :( It was about the size of one of my goats.

I did check the wound and didn't see a bullet but the skull was splintered a little there so I think someone did shoot it but it ran off and died later with me at its side. If it had been hit by a car, it would have had a different wound, I think.

Deer are pretty tough that way-I hit one in the Blazer once, straight on doing about 50mph and ran over it with both passenger tires. Broke my headlight and grill. I stopped and the deer was gone! I had deer hair in my grill and both tires?!?! I don't think it went very far but it was nighttime and woods on both sides of the road.

I saw a car pulled over one night and they had just hit a deer near a friend's house and they couldn't find it and they couldn't believe it ran off. Then for two summers my friend saw a very lame doe in his front yard-with twins...he hasn't seen her in the last few years so some hunter or coyote must have finally got her.

Well, enough deer talk! Thought I would try something different today! Deer not goats! LOL

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~Tonia said...

It was almost 70 here today! Absolutely Wonderful!!
I had a deer run into the side of my van one time. There was snot smeared all down the side with a small dent and it run off.. They are tough!
I still have no babies... I was sure she was going early but nooo...