Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Equinox

Happy spring! We have been sunny t-shirt weather the last few days. My arms are all scratched from thinning out the raspberries. Today I raked out the mint bed, and the garden paths. Willow has been a big help turning over vegetable beds. We are ready to plant peas! A record!

Last year we were snow bound and saturated through May and June-the garden is dryer now than last year in June!

Combing is winding down at the farm. C, TBWLIT, received his week notice today. He was devastated! He was really enjoying the job and working very hard. It brings to mind when three were laid off last fall-and I had to work the weekend with them! So depressing emotionally to get laid off or let go...I feel so bad for them esp my number one son!

I have been at the farm a few years and I know the work flow is variable, so I get the hours in when I can and have plenty to keep me busy during down times! I also try and save for the bust times...all those jars of pennies might buy groceries someday! Ya never know...

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