Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blood Ties

Busy busy busy! Spending a lot of time at the farm and not enough on my own place! Spring is in full swing!

The farm geese hatched out three goslings. They are pilgrim geese, the only color sexed breed of geese. The males are white- sometimes with gray patches, and the females are gray. The male goslings (2) are yellow and the female is dusky.

I finally snuck a pic of Bonnie's twin bucklings out of Zeus. Still, they were hiding.

My oldest, C, has been working the last few stretches at the farm with me. Here he is with the silly filly, Estrella, who walked right up to my camera and slobbered all over it.

Willow came in today, and had a chance to feed the bottle baby, one of Ursula's twin bucklings out of Nibbeola.

And one more doe yet to deliver, doesn't she look comfy? LOL. Uureka.

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~Tonia said...

Great pics! The geese , goat kids and Kids are cute!!