Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stocking Alewives

I saw a truck backing into the pond as I arrived home from the farm today. It had something large and square on the back of the trailer, and I thought, "what the heck is that?" and then I saw the Maine Dept of Fisheries and Wildlife logo on the truck, so I rushed right over.

I knew they were stocking something!!

Fully mature Alewives, three trips, a total of 800 fish, caught downstream. The dam stops their migration, so they put them in to spawn so the young can return to the sea and become a very important part of the food chain. Alewives spawn in the fresh water of lakes and ponds and the babies go to the ocean to grown up and don't return until it is time for them to lay eggs.

Poor guys had made two undisturbed trips and then had me quizzing them on the last one. I thought it was cool! LOL. Wish I had that job! :)


~Tonia said...

OO yeah that is cool!

Dave said...

Hahahaha - I read the title wrong. I thought it said, "SHOCKING Alewives" and I got all set for some type of surprise "Rated M for Mature" ending.

I should know better, because I am personally rated "I for Immature." =)