Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Off

Or, a day to spend around here doing a million things or nothing...hehe

Yesterday I worked the farm. Uureka had twins over the weekend, a buck and a doe, both brown and teeny tiny compared to the other raucous babies running around.

I noticed the buckling had a poo stuck on his rear, and I had a pocket full of tissues so I figured I would just flick it off. But it was hard as cement! Uh oh! I told Boss because blocked tushies on babies can be big trouble!

"it needs to be softened," said Boss as she continued cleaning the aisle.

So I grabbed a can of water, ransacked the medical chest for a jar of vaseline and was happy to find a box of blue nitrile gloves! Armed with that and my pocket of tissues, I cornered the little buck and wet the area down with wet tissue and rubbed vaseline around and managed to remove the turd to a gush of foul odor that had me doubled over and gagging in the back stall at 7:50 in the morning.

Now I understand why Boss feigned indifference and let me take the initiative. Ugh.

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