Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fiber Frolic 2010

The Fiber Frolic is this weekend, and today was the goat show. We didn't show any of our own goats, but gave Boss a hand with her two and three year old bucks-the four she selected to bring.

A cashmere goat show is nothing like a dairy goat show! The judge commented that Cashmere type goats are near wild and they are usually half dragged in front of the judge.

Willow called dibs on Homer as soon as she heard he was going. Willow and Homer have a great relationship. I took Bibbles, Boss took Nebeolo, and J. handled Cairn.
Here the judge, Dr. Peter Goth, and I are exhanging the microphone for goat. He takes control of the goat and checks the teeth, feels the chest, barrel and haunches, and then makes sure they have two testicles and two nipples. In retrospect, I wish I had taken advantage of the microphone and done a running commentary on the exam. * evil chuckle*

Nebeolo won first in two year old, and Bibbles second. Homer and Cairn tied for first place for three year old bucks. The judge said Cairn had the best fleece he had ever seen-nevermind for a buck his age, but Homer was the better buck conformation wise. And he gave him a four for personality! LOL! The high score is a three and personality is not one of the traits judged.

The bucks were so fine, the judge didn't bother to call the winners of the doe classes back for the championship. It came down to Nebeolo, Cairn, and Homer for the Champion.

First the judge gave Willow a surprise blue ribbon for showmanship! Then he awarded Homer the Championship Cashmere Goat and Cairn the Reserve Champion.

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~Tonia said...

Sounds like fun!! I cant believe you all are in sweaters and stuff though!!Lol Its hot and humid here. Congrats to Willow on the blue ribbon!!