Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ah nearly July! Busy reveling in summer's passion. Happy Summer!

UUreka's kids are doing great, integrated with the main herd. The girl is absolutely adorable! The little buck looks fine, too. Both are brown with black legs and stripes down their backs. The girl has wattles and upright ears and a little splash of white on her forehead. Very petite looking.

We've moved the bucks out of Jenny Nash and down to Prescott. Now we are pressed with the task of pulling all the fencing out of Jenny Nash and putting up more pasture at Prescott. I have reeled a lot of fence! Luckily what we are working on now is the ribbon or rope with embedded wire, not the high tensile wire. Still, hot in the sun pulling line with one hand and whacking the winder with the other. D and I did 5 strands on the back line of the upper section today in about an hour.

On the home front, I saw a ping pong table at a garage sale and was then told it was FREE! with net and paddles. I tied it to the roof of the car and brought it home last Saturday. It's out on the lawn, and we have had a bunch of fun with it! I kick some serious ping pong butt! We had one in the rec room growing up and my sister and I spent many a hot summer afternoon in the cool basement playing ping pong! We cover it over with plastic and it has some flaws and warpage but it's all good fun anyhow!

Sunday and I Willow went to a Summer Solstice drum circle for peace. I took the djembe, and Willow chose a hand carved polynesian drum I picked up many years ago at an antique shop. What I did not realize it that it was a native american based event, but the djembe worked well with it's deep bass. (it's an African drum) I even had a shot at the big drum, where people sit and use a sort of padded drumstick. Most of the dozen people there had obviously been to many pow wows together and drummed through and sang some lovely Indian songs. I lent the Djembe to a woman to lead us in some African rhythms and had my chance on the big drum.

It was a pleasant time, but I prefer African rhythms overall, having had a chance to jam with some African refugees in Portland Maine a few years ago...

The week flew by. Wednesday I got into a bag of double stuff oreos and awoke at middnight with a blinding toothache, Ibuprofen, saltwater, Listerine, Ambesol, Vicodene...nothing touched it. I made an emergency dental appointment Thursday expecting to have the whole upper left row extracted. I hadn't been to a dentist in a VERY long time. I had extensive orthodontic work as a child; three canines extracted because of my small mouth; one cracked right out of my jaw before it had emerged...yeah, I am scared of dentists. LOL

I watched as the Xray's came up on the computer monitor. Yeah, Xrays are instant now, cool! "Wow, those look like good teeth!" I said as the upper right emerged...and right through, with the exception of the bottom molar I broke on a tongue ring three years ago.

Haven't been to a dentist in twenty years and no cavities!?! The doc tapped on them, blew compressed air between them, wiggled them...for naught. The diagnosis? Not so good. I have extensive bone loss exposing the base of the teeth and the nerves don't like that. The dentist was surprised they weren't loose. Yup, getting long in the tooth...yuck. LOL

And that bottom molar? Well, the doctor of pain was consoled with the fact that he gets to pull that one tomorrow. It was originally filled and now broken..well, three years ago, yup, gotta go. The roots looked good though, so I hope he gets that yanked clean tomorrow...Eek, I am scared...:(

We found this salamander yesterday cleaning up some old wood. We found a nice old rotten stump and he gladly crawled into the dark cavities after his photoshoot.

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tree ocean said...

I survived the extraction. Three shots of novacaine and I could still feel it when he stuck his dentist awl between the roots and popped it out. Got all the root, yah I clapped! The roots were perfect.

I had little trouble driving afterwards since my face on that side was so numb I couldn't squint my left eye!!