Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Day is it Anyhow?

LOL! I'm a little froggy this am! HOT! and tired. Working and playing to the max!

Boss came to the decision to move the bucks out of Jenny Nash. We were already semi-established at Prescott, but not enough pasture for the boys. The job was moving the fencing out of Nash and establishing a new pasture at Prescott.

P, R, D and I spent a day winding electric rope and ribbon:D pulling the white step in stakes, and then D and I rocking and pulling out the green metal stakes. R told me his planned layout, drove in three green stakes, and then has been out of work since.

D drove the rest of the green stakes with me steadying them. We use a big rectangular metal driver which is more than I can handle on my own. I ran the top ribbon to mark the fenceline for clearing and was then told the loppers had disappeared, the weedwhacker was out of line, and I could use a pair of hoof shears for trimming.

Ha. I spent an hour crawling along the roadside ditch head high with wild roses and other shrubs, blistering my hand on the shears and was about ready to abandon the task.(um...the title of a song came to mind, "take this job and...." lol) Luckily, I found out that my sweets, Ten, had the next day off and convinced him to bring his landscaping tools and give me a hand. He cleared the whole fenceline and then pulled five runs of wire-embedded rope off the winder. Yeah! End in sight!

D and I ran the last ground line, put in all the white step in stakes, and wrapped an apple tree with wire to try and protect it. Saturday it was ready for the bucks.

Still more work ahead there with dividing it and pulling the rest of the Nash fence.

Last night we headed off to Bath for Bath Heritage Days. A terrific Reggae Band, Mystic Bowie, played on the main stage before and after the fireworks. Bath was jamming! Lots of food vendors, roadside carnival, live music...

We watched the fireworks go off on the other side of the river, nice but not as intense as our regular fourth of July spot where they go off right in front of you and ash frequently drifts into the crowd. This year luck was on our favor with the wind blowing it back into the cove. Here's a shot of last night's fireworks in Bath.

Back to last night, after the fireworks we went back to the band and Willow got her nerve up to join the rest of the kids invited on stage to jam with the band. I abandoned my flip flops and danced in the crowd cheering her on. The Firebird even loosened up at the end and started moving.

Lots more summer fun and work in the days ahead! Hope everyone else is having a dancing summer!

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