Friday, July 16, 2010


Pretty quiet so far this week.

Yesterday was a big day at the farm, at least in my book. Ten had another day off, so I took him in to the farm and R was back again, so Ten, R, and myself headed off to Nash to get more fencing for the Prescott job.

We pulled all the fence (electric) out of Nash yesterday! Huge job! Whew! A good work crew can sure get a lot done!

Ten broke four green stakes trying to get them up! A green stake is a metal fence post about 7 feet long. They are very sturdy. I was wiggling one when I heard a giant *crack* and saw Ten go flying onto his ass. He broke his at ground level. I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't believe anyone could break one of those stakes.

Then he went on to break three more. I was going to ban him from the green stake pulling but they were ones R and I couldn't budge either.

What a hot job! On the way home we stopped at the Village store and the thermometer in the sun said 107 F.

I was going to work today, but Ten's Dad asked me for a lift to the bus station. He is going to Florida for a month. Ten had a fit and wants his Dad to fly, but his Dad has macular degeneration and said he was more comfortable dealing with the bus than the plane

I said it might be cooler in Florida.

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~Tonia said...

I agree it might be cooler in Florida.. The Humidity is killing us here! Kyle called from work at 9am and said he was already soaked from working out in this heat and sweating. He still ahs several hours to go.. I still havent made it outside. I am a tad lazy today..
When you say green stakes do you mean T-post? And if so he broke one of those off??Wow!!
I have got to get more step inpost to get my rotational grazing up.. The farm I visited last Sunday keeps their goats in with 2 strands of electric!!! One was electrified goucho wire and then one strand of regular wire.
So i dont think it will take much for my rotationals grazing to get setup. They are already scared of the wire...
Stay cool enough!