Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday running late

A gloomy drippy humid Saturday morning and I have five minutes left of my comp time.

Tired.Trying to get the new pasture finished at Prescott. Boss decided to have us run along the tree line coming back, which added another two days to the job. I had a fit.
"nope, not doing it!"

Luckily I had Ten and R come in on Thursday. so I took advantage of them and had them clear the line. Imagine an overgrown rock wall with old fenceline and rotten posts and trees and poison ivy. Yup, that was a job for the guys.

Yesterday we nailed insulators on the trees. Today I am tired, it's the Farmer's Market so Boss will be heading out for that. Ten and Willow are coming in with me.

Monday we weaned some of the little bucks off their Mom's and took them on the hill. I haven't been up to see them yet, but one or two of them was yelling like they were being strangled yesterday. Can't wait to see the little guys today!

The four -yearling bucks went to Prescott with the big bucks. They are not trained to the electric fence yet. Yesterday Ten and I turned around and we had "Tack Room Baby" standing in the field with us, to be shortly joined by "Jumping Jack". We put them back in and then had to fix fence where they went through. Oh, gotta love goats.

Time's up, time to feed my own ...hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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~Tonia said...

I read this and was going to come back and comment.. I should know better of course I forgot! lol
The fence sounds like so much fun!I hope you get the Sarcastic tone here! lol I am glad Kyle builds it for me he does a Much better job than I do. It last for years!...Mine doesnt!
On feeding the goats.. I went back and edited.. I am feeding 21 goats. 9 adults and 12 babies between the ages of 4-7 months. I only have two dry does and one of those had just dried up. The other 6 adults are either milking or nursing babies.
Since I couldnt sell any more boys as breeding bucks I let them back on moms full time. They are going into the freezer and thats a little boost for them to grow quicker. I banded at 10-12 weeks old. That way there are no Oops breedings! Especially since I really dont have the room to keep them separate all the time yet.
Have a good weekend!