Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy August

I've certainly been wondering if I'm bi-polar lately: periods of short sleep and intense activity followed by two days of crashing...

The garden is wild! Here is one bed, typically overplanted.

I have two types of beans, yellow wax and Italian flat; two types of tomatoes, Roma and Big Boy; a row of potatoes, and some pumpkins. The beans are producing like crazy, and we have harvested a couple of summer squash out of another bed. The carrots flopped, and the bright lights chard had erratic germination but are finally taking off. I gave up on the few carrots and turned them under this weekend.

I've lost a lot of weight. Remember when the doc was giving me a hard time at 130? Down to 115! Ugh skinny boyfriends will be the end of me! That passionate affair ended this weekend in a great crash and burn , so maybe I will put on a few pound seeking solace in endless tubs of ice cream and cookies. Mmmm.


Carol............. said...

That garden looks great to me!

Stay away from the ice cream and munch on the veggies! LOL

Dave said...

Hey - your garden looks just like mine! I overplant the hell out of everything, too, even though every year I tell myself that I'm not going to do it this time.