Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had my Fourth Amendment rights violated the other day. Caught not wearing a seatbelt by an overzealous state police. I have never met a bigger bully!!!

You find out who your friends really are in a situation like that. I knew I had been spotted just up the road from the farm, so I had pulled into the farm and got out of the car before he pulled in after lights, etc. And the hassle began immediately.

Mr. Boss made an appearance and stayed with me through the whole ordeal, saying wonderful things like,"is that legal!!? "solidarity!!" and sharing bad cop stories. Boss showed up and Mr. Boss told her she was on film and asked if she wanted to make a rude gesture to the camera? So she retreated.

Afterward, the first person I called blamed me!!! Wow! Put that one on the bottom of my friends list! Actually, that one should head the enemy list, right after Bad Cop.

My longtime friend K, with whom I have erratic contact, was the best! As of course were all my family. Thanks and big hugs to all my supporters!

I am already in contact with a lawyer, because I don't think justice is served by a rabid police officer. And if I ever land behind bars with just one phone call, I certainly know who I WON'T call!

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~Tonia said...

Bully Cops tick me off!! I had an experience like that this last spring and Yes I was speeding BUT I hadnt had a ticket in YEARS 10 years to be exact! but noooo he didnt even consider just warning me.. Of course it was the end of the month and he had to meet his quota and Yes they do have a quota to meet each month. I found that out thanks to having a Highway Patrol in the family.. He said he cant say for sure but they are highly encouraged to meet a certain number each month!!!
How wrong is that??