Friday, October 15, 2010


I finally got my cam going this week. I took a ride to Augusta for 10 bags of Quickcrete and tooks so many pictures I filled my memory card.

Today we finally had some rain. I mean several inches. R and I worked at the farm this a.m.. We were soaked through and through! I was wringing water out of my shirt sleeve and that was under a rubber raincoat- and it was high 40's so we were freezing! The winds gusts were up near 50mph-quite a wild morning!

Calm and mist now. My own goats are out so it can't be too wet! Goats like the wet even less than cats!


~Tonia said...

A card full of pictures and you post 2?? Lol just kidding. We have lots of fall color going on here and its so easy to take pics..We are starting to need rain here. Its getting dry and if it gets to dry then we go under red flag warnings for fires. They can get dangerous in the fall because of all the dry leaves and brush..
Have a good weekend!

tree ocean said...

and it took me two days to get the two was hear noon when I took them and the colors did not come out as well as I'd hoped.