Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Go Team!

The soccer season is winding down. Our team needed a win away last night to continue to the playoffs. There was no stopping them!

The score was 2-0 in our favor at the half. I wasn't too confident of a win because the last game we were 3-0 at the half and lost. But the team was on fire last night!

3-0, then another quick goal, 4-0, then 5-0! Just a few seconds left in the game, the home team kicked the ball towards our goal, and the Firebird on defense charged up to the ball and power kicked it. From the 18 yard line. Going, going....is it going OVER the goal? Then it dropped and *swish*! In the goal net from 82 yards!

It was an incredible kick! I was jumping up and down screaming. Tears came to my eyes! The whistle blew, our goalie came dashing out of our goal and jumped on Firebird, legs around his waist, thumping him on the back. The rest of the team mobbed him. The coach said it was astonishing. Team mates and parents came up to congratulate him on the way to the car.

Um, I'm not bursting with pride, or anything...lol

The Firebird modestly said the wind took it.

We won 6-0.

A make-up away game tonight, then the playoffs. Woot!

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~Tonia said...

Sounds like one momma is Really getting into this soccer thing!Haha Its always great when your kids get into something and then do so well at it! Makes you feel so good for them!