Monday, October 25, 2010


Water's back in the well, yay, and more rain coming.

We've had our hard frost, so all the tender annuals are gone. The foliage is still blazing. The Beech and Red Oak have come on strong with the cold- bright orange and red and gold.

I have been having some nagging health issues; racing pulse, short of breath, weight (and strength) loss, trembling. I bottomed out at 112 pounds, and eventually called in for a checkup. They took me in that afternoon.

After telling me that my size was the envy of all in the clinic and quickly changing it to I looked like a concentration camp victim, (shows where today's fashion leads us)
and noting that I am off the bottom of the BMI chart, hyperactive thyroid was diagnosed as the likely culprit. Basically the result is that your metabolism speeds up.

I go for loads of bloodwork tomorrow and a yet to be scheduled thyroid ultrasound in the near future.

Please say a prayer for me, I could use a little strength right now!

Another playoff soccer game tomorrow. We play an, as yet, undefeated team on their home field. Our star forward is out on academic suspension. The coach told the Firebird at practice today he is going to play him as forward and told him to shoot as much as he can.

I took my goats out for a walk on the property today for a little back to nature. The didn't act too ravished-obviously they've been topping off with all the falling leaves. We had a great walk down to the stream. I enjoyed watching their reaction when they saw the water moving.

Cricket has turned out to be the leader, and Badger the lagger. We went up and around the electric fence. I could tell they were happy to get to some of that stuff on the other side! I found a couple beautiful pieces of quartz. One of them was pretty big. I could barely lift it, but I insisted on carrying it to the fenceline.

Then I had one of those nasty short of breath spells where I felt like I was hyperventilating and tried to meditate to calm myself. The same thing happened loading at Home Depot a couple weeks ago and both times I thought "Ok, I going to black out and they are going to find me here."

*draws a little image of a toppled tree*


~Tonia said...

Yeah for water! We still need rain we got NO rain the other night everything just disappeared as it got to us the other night.. A few sprinkles was all we got!But we are now under tornado watch till in the morning.. SO hopefully that will bring rain too!
The twins have a Hypothyroid(slow thyroid)with a small goiter and if your thyroid is messed up it messes with everything in your body!
112lbs??? Omg!! I guess concentration camp! I hope they figure it out quick and get something done. Because if it goes to long it can cause all sorts of problems..
When I am stressed I get that tightness in my chest and cant draw a good breath. I breath through my nose for a count of 7 hold for a count of 4 and let out in 8 through your mouth.. If you do this 5-10 times it will ease it and relax you enough to hopefully be able to ease the shortness of breath or other problems like that.. I do this when I cant go to sleep. First time I ever did it, It made me light headed because of all the oxygen!Lol ...
I will say a prayer that they figure it out quick!
The wind has been blowing like crazy and my goats are catching leaves as fast as they can!
Playing an undefeated team is always intimidating.. Maybe they will be the ones to end their winning streak! Go! Firebird!

~Tonia said...

We finally got rain last night.. Crazy storm and I slept through it!