Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

We are forecast to receive 18-26 inches of snow between now and Monday, with 40mph+ gusts and windchills -20F.

I have completed 35 bee pallets and been diagnosed with tennis elbow..and also have golfer's elbow which the young lad who examined me missed. IOW the tendons in my right elbow are shot.

I drilled and screwed 40 pounds of screws and shovelled upteen pounds of snow in the last few weeks.  :(

Boss came back from GA with several bees in his bonnet. I tried to walk before lunch Thursday but he stopped me, so I managed to finish the day,. After frying my elbow on his behalf I will happily be looking for other employment, although I have to admit, I will miss the bees. 

Bees are little angels compared to this Boss.

Found out you have to have 1500 a month outside income to become a permanent resident of Mexico.  Dang.

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