Friday, February 27, 2015

Snowiest winter, coldest February

Well we passed the snowiest winter awhile back.  I am not even sure how much snow we have had.  The last week we had three storms that went over two feet together. The running average temp for Febrauary was about 12 F highs and lows....the last record was 14 F.

I made a prediction a couple of years ago that climate change would cause more moisture to be put in the atmosphere, by melting ice in the arctic in the summer, causing a cooling and more precipitation in the upper mid latitudes.

Gawd sometimes I hate to be right.

The projected prediction then left the upper mid lats in a dry tundra and the moisture cooling to travel southwards..

Once that point is passed we are really screwed. Basically the water locked in the poles will be re-distributed, gradually meeting at the equatorial zone.

Beyond that point I am not so clear, perhaps warm moisture will cause intense storms in the mid lats, drought in northern lats...earthquakes from weight distribution, perhaps my life does not span that time, and the reason I cannot foresee what will happen at the time.

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