Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, yesterday I finished the West living room wall. I am still picking away at putting the room back together. I was really happy that I did it all in a week-and took several days off due to rain last weekend. I did saw some boards in the house-and that has been tracked everywhere so once everything is re-organized a good cleaning is in order.

Today I stacked some more wood. S gave me a REALLY good deal! We have been burning off that pile since the Friday before election-nearly three weeks, and I think I still have a cord of wood out there. I wasn't going to stack it initially , and I wondered why S looked sort of crestfallen when I told him I was just going to leave it and tarp it. Well, without stacking it, I could not really see how much was there-a very good deal! I will have to make sure I mention it the next time I see him on a hay run.

It was 18F at 8 am here!!! brrr! The ground is frozen solid and the pond is starting to skim over. S (I bought hay today) said that it was 12F yesterday morning! Tomorrow we are supposed to have more of that beastly 30mph wind so it is going to be bitter cold out there! We might even have a bit of snow, but hopefully we are too far south. I don't want to see snow just yet.

Willow can't wait for snow! I should buy her a snow shovel-heheh-but that wouldn't dampen her spirits a bit. She is a joyful helper, most of the time.

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