Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Turkeys and DIY


I looked outside today and there was a small flock of seven wild turkey hens emerging from the woods onto the lawn. We saw them in the drive a week or so ago, and there have been turkey tracks around for a few years. But, it was still exciting to see them on the lawn. It just amazes me that when I moved to Maine wild turkeys were just being reintroduced here in the state. Now there are a couple of hunting seasons a year and you see them everywhere.

I set a goal today to finish the V-match wall. HA! It was as if every board was cursed. I mis-cut the first two, finally cut it right and then couldn't get it to fit around the beam. I ended up cutting off the piece I had cut out on the end, and then that didn't go in to my satisfaction. It just went on and on from there. Plus, I was working on the last three rows up by the ceiling, and no room for a ladder unless I wanted to move the couch. I was using the back of the couch as a perch and my arms were aching from trying to work over my head!

Then I had to rip boards to fit around the windows....I haven't finished it off yet. I finally gave in for the day once I got the last bit right on the first try-I might have been on a roll, but I decided to quit while I was ahead. Besides, it was time for night chores and a run to the store.

I think I have exactly enough boards to rip for the trim around two windows. The third window is larger and is ringed with small squares of colored textured glass. I have some fancy moulding that I am going to use to frame around the window and use the plain boards for the trim on the other two. Then I need to place a storm window on the outside for that colored glass one, since it is single paned glass and throws a lot of cold air into the room.

Phew! Once that is done I can finish stacking wood and cutting up the pile of goatwood the Firebird dragged out of the woods for me the other day. It is cold cold cold here and didn't break freezing today. The wind didn't help warm things up, either.


Wood Mouse said...

It must be an amazing experience to see wild turkeys on your lawn. Now if you can find some wild cranberries...

In the Mouse dictionary DIY stands for Destroy It Yourself

tree ocean said...

Destroy it yourself-hahahaha good one!

I did tell the Firebird "there is Thanksgiving dinner-grab one of your sword sticks!" Followed by, "no, just kidding/"