Monday, April 6, 2009

Fishing, tree climbing, and ice out?

Open water fishing began April first. We thought today there might be just enough open water to give it a go. Here is Willow, the determined, but disappointed, fisherwoman.

I managed to catch a tree (bobber dangling in middle of photo). Where is that tree-trimmer when you need him?

I turned over casting to the saplings, who managed much better, only snagging the ice floes a few times.

The Firebird managed a few excellent casts on his own, until he (wisely) gave up fishing, and retreated to his more preferred pastime, tree-climbing. Note the snowboots and t-shirt, while Willow is huddled in a snowcoat. ;)


Wood Mouse said...

I will see if I can find you a recipe for fresh line caught Tree.

~Tonia said...

I am the worlds best Tree Fish Catcher!! lol Usually on the other side of the river!! Looks like a fun day!